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Earthing Oz -  Authorised Australian distibutor for Barefoot Sales Corp - Earthing.com

As health educators and enthusiasts, we are always looking out for ways to improve health, happiness and well-being. In 2009 I was introduced to Earthing.com and their range of products. The idea of being grounded made a lot of sense to me so I ordered an Earthing Sheet to try it out for myself. At the time I was taking 2-4 hours to fall asleep each night and I was curious to see what happened. The very first night I used the earthing sheet I fell asleep in 30 minutes and sleep more soundly than I had in months! Could this be a coincidence? One month later I was still sleeping like a baby and was very grateful for the improvement in my sleep, so much so I decided to bring the Earthing range of products into Australia and offer them through our raw food website www.rawpower.com.au

Every week I receive phone calls and emails from customers who have benefited from the Earthing products with many reporting dramatically reduced pain, inflammation and better sleep. The Earthing range of products has proved so popular and beneficial that we decided to start a dedicated website www.earthingoz.com.au to get the word out.

Below is some history of how the Earthing Products came to be

In 1998, a retired cable TV executive was sitting on a park bench in Sedona, Arizona, watching the passing parade of tourists and became aware that almost everybody wore shoes with synthetic soles. He wondered if such footwear, which had increasingly replaced leather since the 1960s, could have an effect on our bodies.

Clint Ober was his name and it occurred to him rather innocently that he and most everyone else around him wearing such shoes were insulated from the natural electrical surface charge of the Earth known in the electrical world simply as "ground." All electrical systems in our homes, businesses, and industries are stabilized and protected by the Earth's "ground."

Ober wondered if the lack of Earth's ground energy could affect the body?  This one simple question inspired years of experiments and multiple scientific studies involving biophysicists, medical doctors, electrophysiologists, and exercise physiologists. The studies produced fascinating evidence demonstrating that connecting and grounding the body to the Earth has a positive influence.

Throughout the years of research and experimentation, Ober developed and refined indoor Earthing systems for use in studies and to fill a growing demand by individuals who heard about the "feel better" effects of Earthing. The products displayed here are the result of his effort to make available to people in a practical way methods to ground their body with the natural and subtle surface energy of the Earth as they sleep, work, and relax indoors. To date, thousands of individuals-men, women, children, and professional athletes alike have incorporated grounding into their daily lives.

Throughout the history of civilization, cultures around the world honored connectedness to the Earth and described the energy of the Earth in different ways. Modern lifestyle has increasingly disconnected us from this energy. Research is now explaining, in scientific terms, the importance of this energy to naturally reduce and prevent electrical stress in the body. 

The mission of Barefoot Sales Corp. is to continue to develop and provide products that help people everywhere conveniently incorporate personal grounding into their daily lives.