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Earthing: An ancient practice which has come of age - Dr John Gray + March Specials

Anand Wells - 2012/3/09

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- Earthing: An ancient practice which has come of age - Dr John Gray

March Specials

Earthing: An ancient practice which has come of age

John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus said the following about Earthing:
"The concept of Earthing resonates deeply with me. I have, in fact, done something similar since 1995 when I was in India and studying with teachers of the Indian meditation system. It was recommended to me that for the best results in my practice I should sleep and meditate on a deerskin, and the deerskin should be on the ground.

"This was the tradition of the Yogis. The teachers said there was energy from above that comes to the Earth and then comes to you if you stay connected to the Earth. The Yogis, of course, would meditate for long periods of time and always do so on an animal skin. They often lived in caves where they would be surrounded by the Earth. They would also put down little sheets and sleep on the earthen or marble floors as well. The Christian mystics had practices like this. They would go out into the desert and meditate in Nature, knowing that the results were better."

"When I was in India, I wasn't very interested in sleeping on the ground. The Yogis said there was another option for me, something that the kings did when they studied Yogic techniques in the past and apparently received benefits in terms of longer life. The option was to use a bed sheet made with copper material that was connected to a copper rod outside, placed in the ground. I guess they did a lot with metal thousands of years ago. They certainly had some specific knowledge."

"I obtained a setup like this in India and used it in my home. At the time, I had some pain from bursitis in the shoulder. I'd had it for two or three years. I would feel it particularly when I woke up. The after sleeping on the Indian sheets for a while, the pains were not there anymore."

I had the Indian sheets for about twelve years and enjoyed them very much. Then I moved the bed and the original wire wouldn't reach so I stopped using the copper sheets for a while. Then I heard of Clint Ober's work and obtained some conductive sheets that he had developed. One of the first things I noticed is that I could no longer sleep later than 8:00 a.m. Even if I am up late the night before, there's no way I can sleep past 8:00 a.m. Yet if I am up at that time fully refreshed. That's part of the normalising of the circadian rhythm. Your cortisol level is highest at that time. There is no possibility anymore of sleeping late for me when I am on those sheets."

"Other people who I have turned on to Earthing have had positive experiences. I've heard about arthritic pains going away in a few days and restless legs immediately calming down."

Excerpt from the book "Earthing: The greatest health discovery ever?"

March Specials

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Stay grounded, stay well!
Anand and the Earthing Oz Team.