That's a Wrap 2020

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of our dear customers and suppliers for your continued support throughout 2020. What an extraordinary year it has been for us all.

We came into 2020 full of optimism and new ideas of how to grow and improve the Earthing Oz business to better serve our customers. We then, along with everyone else, held our breath anxiously as Australia and the rest of the world went into lockdown and couldn't help but wonder what this would mean for us - both personally and professionally - as a small business. 

Throughout it all you gave us your unwavering support. Through the overseas supply issues, the frustrating delivery delays and the exhausting long hours trying to manage a busy business while helping our young children (six in total between the two of us mums!) with their remote school learning during lockdown. 

We have shared long conversations on the phone with many of you, trying to make sense of this new world in which we find ourselves. We have listened to your personal stories of struggle and uncertainty and you, in turn, have graciously listened to ours. We have laughed with you and shared moments of lightness and human connection that shone through even the darkest of days. It has been our absolute pleasure to help you in whatever way we could to support your health needs during a time when good health is the most important asset we can have and we look forward to continuing to do this next year and beyond.

Now though, for the Earthing Oz team and for all of us, it's time to rest, reflect on the year that was, connect with those we love and take stock of all we are grateful for, as 2020 comes to a close. Our Christmas and New Year office closure times can be found here

Let's take a break from screens, from work, from our busy lives and let's instead immerse ourselves in nature, the joy of stillness and quiet and simple everyday pleasures. We hope the holidays allow you to enjoy good, nourishing food, fabulous company and plenty of restful sleep so we can all start 2021 with renewed energy, hope, vitality and optimism for a wonderful year ahead. 

From all of us here at Earthing Oz we wish you a safe, healthy and happy Christmas.