Blushield Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Blushield block EMF?

Ans: The Blushield Tesla technology does not directly block, shield, remove or modify EMF in any way. The body will always favour fields that act in accordance with Nature. The body resonates to the Blushield field because of coherent resonances that are familiar to our cells. The field produced by Blushield is scalar energy which we have evolved with over eons. Blushield puts out millions of natural scalar frequencies. Because these are far stronger than the unnatural EMF frequencies, our body resonates with the scalar frequencies, rather than the EMF and by doing so our body is protected at the cellular level. Over time, after our body has adjusted to the Blushield frequencies, we effectively become immune to all EMF because the EMF cannot penetrate our body (it's cells). Our body's cells resonate at the Blushield scalar frequencies and this bounces off the EMF. So in summary, it's not the Blushield technology that directly blocks or shields the EMF, it's the body resonating coherently at the Blushield scalar frequencies that blocks the EMF and protects us from all EMF at the cellular level.

Q: What is scalar energy?

Ans: Scalar energy has existed since the beginning. All fields in Nature are scalar, as it is the underlying energy of the universe. Scalar energy is a subtle yet very potent form of coherent energy. It is energy packed with beneficial ‘information’ that has given us life and allowed us to evolve. There is a never-ending supply of scalar energy that permeates the universe. Scalar energy is passive and neutral. When released, it can be used to protect, nurture and repair. Scalar energy is life-affirming energy that positively affects humans at a cellular level.

Following on from the famous mathematician, astronomer and one of the greatest scientists of all time, Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749–1827), physicist James Clerk Maxwell (1831–1879) furthered the concept of scalar energy, laying the foundation for quantum physics. Amongst his many achievements, Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) is famous for accidentally releasing scalar energy. So profound was his discovery that he devoted the rest of his life in pursuit of understanding and harnessing the power of scalar energy for therapeutic purposes. Nikola Tesla referred to scalar energy as ‘radiant energy’. It is also known as ‘zero point energy’ and as a ‘torsion field’. Scalar energy is now commonly referred to as a ‘scalar wave’ and a ‘Tesla wave’, in honour of Nikola Tesla. Albert Einstein (1879–1955), the most renowned physicist of the 20th century, documented how scalar energy could be practically applied for the benefit of humanity. Adding to the genius of Tesla and the brilliance of Einstein, the team who have been developing this revolutionary technology for twenty eight years, have designed Blushield for protection from EMF.

Q: Why is Blushield regarded as 'Active Protection'?

Ans: The Blushield devices are called Active EMF Protection Technology because they use power (electricity from a wall socket for plug-in models and a battery for portable models) to actively release scalar energy to mitigate EMR at the cellular level. The Blushield devices use powerful active fields instead of weak passive fields to transmute energies and electromagnetic fields.

Passive (not powered) devices that claim to protect you from EMR, like stickers, pendants, chips, beads, pyramids, etc, all seem to be far less effective at bringing coherence to the body and environment. In a lot of cases these passive technologies are short lived or become less effective or even useless over time as the energy is static and doesn’t adjust to the environment.

Active protection provides a long term solution to a wide range of incoherent signals within our environment, of which EMF is only one.

Q: How does Blushield override EMF?

Ans: All fields in Nature are scalar. Nature's fields are weak, and electricity and wireless technologies are stronger than Nature. The Blushield field is stronger again as the Blushield is mimicking Nature but much more powerfully.

Q: Why can the body now repair the damage to DNA?

Ans: Associate Professor Martin Blank PhD states EMF damages and causes mutations in DNA. Mutations in DNA are believed to be the initiating steps in the development of cancers. A variety of forces, both internal and external, affects the rate at which DNA damage occurs. Blank states that EMF is one of these forces.

Our body's DNA being damaged and repaired is a constant process. However, it has been shown by Blank that EMF makes it difficult for the body to heal. Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, states: “Instead of asking epidemiologists, you should ask scientists who study living cells - or better still – the cells themselves, they are more sensitive to EMF than to temperature.”

When in a Blushield field, the EMF force is removed.

Q: Does the protective effectiveness of Blushield drop off with distance?

Ans: No.The protective strength is the same throughout the whole Blushield field (BluZone) and does not drop off with distance. Each model has a specific protective distance it covers.

Q: Where do I plug in the Tesla plug-in?

Ans: Ideally, in the middle of the home or workplace.  Plug the plug-in model at least two meters away from where you sleep.

Q: Can I have my portable on my bedside drawer?

Ans: Not recommended. The 3 seconds of blue pulsing light (after each 30 second pause) may disturb your sleep.

Q: Can I still use my electric blanket?

Ans: When you go to bed, turn off the electric blanket and pull the plug out of the wall socket. Having the electric blanket still on results in instantaneous heating effects to the body tissue. Caution should always be applied when delivering electrical current to the body, regardless of the technology.

Q: Can I still have my iPad or laptop on my lap?

Ans: This is not recommended. The current EMF standards address the thermal effects. That is, the instantaneous heating effects. When you have an iPad or laptop on your body it is heating the tissue. The Blushield mitigates EMF at the cell level, the non-thermal effects - that is the disease and cancer-causing effects (biological effects).

If you really need to use a tablet or laptop on your lap from time-to-time, for example in a mobile office situation or in a car we recommend using a DefenderPad to block/shield the radiation and prevent the thermal/heating effects.

Q: Can I still have a mobile phone against my ear?

Ans: This is not recommended. When you have the mobile phone against your ear or on your body it is heating the tissue. The Blushield  mitigates EMF at the cellular level, the non-thermal effects - that is, the disease and cancer-causing effects (biological effects).

We still recommend using either a SafeSleeve Phone Case, our Airtube Anti-Radiation Headsets or speaker phone when talking on your mobile phone.

Q: Why use Airtube Headphones?

Ans: Airtube Headphones are recommended by leading scientists. In using our Airtube Headphones:

  • 1) You are not heating the tissue on the head;
  • 2) You are not exposed to ELF EMF from the phone;
  • 3) The piped sound to the ear, does not send microwaves into the inner ear. 

They can also be used on an iPad or tablet for Skype, and with the touch of a button, you can play your iTunes music in STEREO.

Q: What about a cordless landline phone?

Ans: The newer digital type radiate 24/7 and if placed at the ear the heating of the tissue effect applies.

Q: Should I still avoid exposure to EMF?

Ans: Yes, the first step is to find ways to reduce exposure to EMF in your environment. We have a list of tips to help you achieve this on our Reducing Exposure page here. However, as it is almost impossible to remove all sources of EMF from your home and work environments, Blushield helps to negate the effects from the EMF emitted from the electrical equipment and smart technology around you.   

Q: Is the Blushield Tesla safe to use with computers?

Ans: Yes. The device will not erase data as the Blushield is non-magnetic.

Q: Does the Blushield emit any electromagnetic fields?

Ans: No. It does not generate interference which might affect sensitive equipment, including pacemakers.

Q: Is the Blushield Tesla model an ionizer?

Ans: No. Negative ions are only a small aspect of Nature.

Q: What is the warranty on Blushield products?

Ans: All Blushield products carry a warranty period of 1 year. This covers factory defects or faults. This does not cover misuse, modification or neglect (dropping) or water damage. If a claim is to be made, all postage costs are to be covered by the customer and Blushield Inc. will decide whether to repair or replace product depending on the fault. 

Q: Are the Blushield Portables Water Proof?

Ans: The Blushield Portables are ‘water resistant’ not water proof. The warranty does not cover a portable device being submerged in water. Having said that, the inventor has accidentally left his portable in his pants pocket and sent it through the washing machine with no effect or damage occuring!

Q: What happens if my kids or I drop our Blushield Portable?

Ans: The robust outer case is made from a strong aircraft-grade aluminium alloy. This high quality design gives excellent durability. As much as we advise taking the best possible care of your Blushield portable, it will survive being dropped.

Q: I have an older model portable from the Tesla Gold/Tesla Silver series. How do I know if the battery needs to be replaced? 

Ans: The Blushield portable has a light that flashes every 30 seconds. When this light stops flashing, the specially-designed lithium battery has run out. Unfortunately, Blushield have now stopped making replacement batteries for these older models. The new Blushield portable models now include a rechargeable battery. Call us today on 1300 832326 to discuss upgrading your old portable to a new rechargeable portable at a special trade-in price. 

Q: What is the harmless adjustment period?

Ans: EMF stresses the body and when the EMF stress is removed the immune system can function more effectively. When the immune system kicks back in there may be a harmless adjustment transition. Most people do not notice any change at all. Some people feel more energised for a few days and a few may sleep a little less for a day or two. Some EHS sufferers and the Ultra -Sensitives may feel fatigue for a few days with less energy and some may experience a slight metallic taste in their mouth as they have or have had amalgams in their teeth (metal attracts EMF). Some may experience headaches, itchiness, skin rashes and other detox symptoms in this adjustment period. This adjustment period is the body responding to the cessation of its old environment and is a positive sign. The BluShield is the catalyst for the new nurturing environment. 

Q: Why do I feel like my EHS symptoms have worsened?

Ans: The Blushield emits a coherent field that will impact on incoherent things or people in our local environment. Portables are good for out and about usage, but making your entire home or office a coherent environment is where the plug-in models come into their own.

Initially an incoherent environment does not suddenly change with the introduction of a coherent field, but a change is noted when a BluShield is introduced into the local environment. This change may take a few days to establish with lasting effects.

It may take several days up to several weeks for one’s body to adjust to the new coherence in the environment. Once adjusted however, incoherence becomes more noticeable when you are outside the coherent field and experience the ‘normal’ world, especially to sensitive individuals. Some people however are so used to incoherence that they are somewhat numbed to the world and maybe less sensitive and therefore may overlook any and all change.

We have observed that most EHS people, not long after installation of the plug-in and use of the portable, feel ‘calmer’ in their body.  They notice symptoms lessen over a period of time until they no longer have them.  They can then obtain a clearer picture of the condition of their health and any future condition. Also, we have found that rarely, an EHS sufferer can still feel EMF after using the products but no longer suffers from symptoms.

We have also found other EHS sufferers’ symptoms are exacerbated for a short period of time which means they have been affected the worst. We believe this depends on the individual and the status of their immune system. Each individual response is different, however we know that it is a harmless transition period and all report better health after this transition period, which for a few can be challenging, as they do not wish to spend one more day in discomfort.

We have been advised by many EHS sufferers that taking Vitamin C, magnesium and minerals during this transition period assists them. (For Vitamin C intake a therapist who uses Blushield Tesla products recommends taking one teaspoon of Ascorbic Acid with half a teaspoon of Bi-Carb Soda in water with the juice of half a lemon at least twice per day). The inventor of Blushield was EHS.

Q: What is EHS?

Ans:EHS is electrically hypersensitive or electro hypersensitivity - sensitive to the human-made EMF that now surrounds us constantly. Subjective complaints of persons are:

  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Flow of tears
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Moody
  • Frequently irritated
  • Unsociable
  • Mental depression
  • Deterioration of intellectual functions
  • Notable memory impairment
  • Sluggishness
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Loss of hair
  • Muscle pain
  • Pounding of heart
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Difficulty in sex life
  • Increased perspiration of extremities
  • Brittle fingernails
  • Decreased lactation in nursing mothers

Q: Will EMF measuring devices still register a number?

Ans: Yes, gauss meters, RF meters, etc will still register a number as that is what they are designed to measure. And for example, a gauss meter will not measure radio-frequency fields just as a radio frequency meter will not measure magnetic fields.

Q: What about ‘Geopathic Stress’?

Ans: The radius/diameter is in all directions - North, South, East, West, Up, Down. Blushield also overrides all Geopathic Stress.

Q: Does Blushield protect against wind turbine / wind farm infrasound?

Ans: Blushield hasn't been tested for this, but many infrasound symptoms are the same as EMF symptoms, so it's possible Blushield may assist in relieving the health effects of infrasound. What we do know is wind turbines also generate a lot of EMF switching AC to DC and DC back to AC. Blushield will override this EMF if you are living in an area where wind turbine EMF is an issue.

Q: Is Blushield associated with the Tesla, Inc company?

Ans: No. Blushield uses the name Tesla only in its series description in honour of Nikola Tesla, the great engineer and scientist famous for the Tesla coil, AC electricity and the discovery of scalar energy. Known as the 'father of scalar energy', Tesla referred to it as 'radiant energy' and described it as the primal force in the universe.

The Tesla name is, of course, also used by the company Tesla, Inc, famous for developing electric vehicles and clean energy solutions. The Tesla, Inc company name is also a tribute to Nikola Tesla, but there is no association between Blushield and the Tesla, Inc brand. 

DISCLAIMER: No medical claims or advice, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment' or ‘cure’ is being represented by the manufacturer. Please consult your physician before using this product.