EMF Research

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate a wide-range of adverse biological effects from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) including:

  • reproductive dysfunction
  • single- and double-stranded DNA breaks
  • immune dysfunction
  • altered brain development
  • sleep and memory disturbances
  • increased risk of brain tumours

The scientific data available is enough to indicate that we need to implement a precautionary approach to EMR. As there are too many individual papers to list here, below are links to some key studies into the effects of EMR on human and animal health, plus suggestions for further reading. 

The BioInitiative Report

A cumulation of over 1800 studies on the harmful biological effects from EMF exposure.

The NIH National Toxicology Report

A $25 million study into the effects of cell phone radiation on rats and mice which concluded there was 'clear evidence' linking cell phone radiation to the development of cancers in rats.  

The Interphone Study

Published in 2010, this study looks particularly at the relationship between mobile phone use and adverse health effects. When reading this study, keep in mind that mobile phone habits were different to today and a 'high risk' user was considered as someone who used their phone 1640 hours in their lifetime (that's less than 15 minutes per day over 20 years). 

Further recommended reading:

Powerwatch: a compilation of citations for 1670 peer-reviewed scientific papers about electromagnetic fields (EMF) published in scientific journals from 1979 - 2018

EHTrust Scientific Research on Wireless Health Effects