Which Blushield Is Right for Me?

Over the past 30 years that Blushield technology has been in development, a number of different models have been designed and manufactured to meet the widely varying needs of people in different situations. From solutions for the home and office, portable devices for on-the-go to a plug-in option for the car, the choice can leave people wondering which Blushield model is the best for their individual circumstance and lifestyle. 

Blushield Home and Office Models

Choosing the right Blushield model for your home and/or workplace is the best place to start so you can ensure that the place you spend the most time has the correct level of protection. Home and office Blushield models plug into a standard powerpoint and use mains power to broadcast a field strong enough to effectively compete against the effects of EMF in your environment. This strong field is required for your body to initially entrain to the Blushield frequencies via sympathetic resonance and stop 'attacking' the invisible threat of EMFs, allowing your body to regain its health by reclaiming immune power for more productive uses. 

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Models for the home and office include the Blushield Plug-In, Blushield Cube, Blushield B1 Ultimate Cube, Blushield U2 Ultra and the Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube. The strength between these options varies and deciding which one to choose will depend on the density and strength of the EMF to which you are exposed, as well, of course, on your budget. Consider every source of electricity and smart appliance in your environment (e.g.: wireless speakers, baby monitors etc) and research all mobile phone towers or antennas within a 2-3 kilometre radius (visit the RFNSA website to discover which mobile phone towers are in your neighbourhood and whether they are 4G, 4G LTE or 5G-enabled). Also note the number of WiFi signals you pick up when trying to connect your devices and consider if you or your neighbours have a smart meter. 

The more EMF saturation in and near your home or workplace, the stronger the Blushield model you will require. Generally, the number of mobile phone towers within a couple of kilometres of your home/workplace indicates the level of EMF and therefore the level of Blushield protection you will need.

As a rule of thumb, less than 8 mobile phone towers and the Blushield Plug-In model will likely be sufficient for your needs, unless your house is packed full of smart devices. The coverage radius of the Blushield Tesla Plug-In is 45 metres in every direction (90 metre diameter)

If you have more than 8 mobile phone towers near you, the Blushield Cube is a better choice. The Blushield Cube is twice as strong as the Plug-in and the radius coverage is twice as large: 90 metres in all directions (180 metre diameter)

With the the roll-out of 5G wireless technology, Blushield has released the Blushield Ultimate series for the home and office. The Blushield B1 Ultimate Cube and the Blushield U2 Ultra  still emit the Blushield frequencies every 30 seconds but have the enhanced protection of a constant output of Phi ratio patterns. The constant Phi ratio frequencies are designed to help the body recover even faster from higher frequency radiation and are the ideal choice if you are in direct line of sight of a 5G repeater, or anticipate that you will be in the future, or if you live in a dense urban environment that will likely become a 'smart city.'  

Note that while all of the Blushield models offer protection against 5G frequencies, the Ultimate models are specifically designed for anyone who is in the direct line of a 5G repeater and therefore under much higher levels of EMF stress.

The new Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube is the strongest Blushield model to date and is recommend for high density environments with high to extreme levels of EMF including homes with solar panels, smart meters, in close proximity to antennas, substations, high-rise apartment blocks and workplaces. 

Blushield Portable Models

The Blushield Portables were designed as an additional model to your home unit. The Blushield Portables run on battery power and are therefore not strong enough on their own to achieve sympathetic resonance initially, but they do have enough strength to maintain your entrainment to Blushield frequencies while you're away from your home to prevent your body from resuming its unproductive 'attack' on EMFs around you. 

There are currently three models of Blushield Portable available. They look and function in similar ways and are compact and lightweight. They have rechargeable batteries and are supplied with a USB cable. A Blushield Portable is ideal to carry in a secure pocket or in a protected area of a purse or backpack. It is safe to carry on aeroplanes and excellent for making your air travel experience more comfortable. The Blushield Portable is not water resistant, so be sure to keep your device dry. 

The Blushield U1 Ultimate Portable takes portable protection to a level beyond what Blushield previously thought possible. The U1 includes the same additional microprocessor with continuous Phi ratio waveforms as the U2 Ultra and Premium Cube B1, which is specifically designed to help the body easily cope with close range 5G exposure, especially in the more intense higher frequency ranges. The U1 is perfect for driving electric cars or “smart” cars, riding electric trains, and generally traveling through cities and dense metropolitan areas, to maintain your entrainment to Blushield frequencies while you’re in heavy EMF zones away from your home unit.  The case is made from a blue aircraft grade alloy, making it the most durable and wear resistant portable Blushield have produced to date.  The battery will run for 3-5 days. The coverage radius is 5 meters in all directions (10 metre diameter). 

The new Blushield T1 Ultimate Portable offers the same strength protection and radius coverage as the U1 Ultimate Portable but in a more compact design and will easily fit into any sized bag or pocket. The smaller battery will last for approximately 2 days between charges. 

The new wearable Blushield option is the Blushield W1 Watch. Offering the same strength protection as the U1 and T1 but in a convenient wearable solution.

Blushield Auto Model 

The Blushield Auto is designed for anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle e.g.: truck drivers, people who commute long distances, those who use their car for work or take frequent, long road trips. The strength of the Blushield Auto is lower than the home units (half the strength of the Cube), but higher than the Portables. Its coverage radius is 15 metres in all directions which will easily cover your vehicle.The Blushield Auto plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter in your car. For those who spend most of their day in the car, the Blushield Auto is potentially strong enough to establish the initial sympathetic resonance to Blushield frequenices, but the majority of people it is better to be used as an adjunct to the Blushield home unit. 

Blushield Specifications

You can compare the different Blushield models available using this chart below. You can also download the table as a PDF here

Visit here for more information on the individual Blushield models. The best long term strategy is to have a home unit and a portable unit.  If you are new to Blushield and your budget only allows you to get one at first, a home unit is the perfect place to start, in order to establish sympathetic resonance and be protected in the place you spend most of your time.  Then later on, you can add a Blushield Portable to increase your protection.

When considering which models might be best for you, be sure to browse our range of Blushield Package Deals