Getting Started

Getting started with earthing is as simple as taking a barefoot walk on a patch of grass or at your local beach. For optimal health results, we recommend at least 30 minutes of earthing each day.

However, for those times when outdoor earthing simply isn't possible, our range of value Earthing Starter Packs is a terrific and convenient way to start earthing at home.

Our Earthing Starter Packs can be used at home and in the office and contain the 3 essentials:

An Earthing sheet: experience the profound benefits of being earthed whilst sleeping. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your bed.

Universal Mat: this versatile mat can be used in many ways; as a barefoot floor mat, a desk mat, mouse pad or to sleep and rest with. Used in the office it can help reduce body voltage induced on our bodies from common electrical sources such as computers, printers and other office equipment.

A Power Outlet Tester: used to verify that your electrical outlet is wired properly for grounding. Simply plug it into an outlet, turn on the power and three amber lights will show that outlet                                                                                             is grounded and ready for use with an Earthing product.


Alternatively, upgrade to our Premium Starter Packs which includes all this PLUS:‚Äč

A second Universal Mat: this means you can keep one at home and one at your workplace, or gift one to your family or friend. Choose from large or small size. 

A Digitech Multilmeter: used to measure the amount of electrical voltage you are being exposed to when un-earthed and earthed. It can also test the conductivity of Earthing products.



From just $262, enjoy BIG savings and browse our collection of Earthing Starter Packs and Premium Starter Packs today to see which is right for you.