BlockBlueLight FAQs

How do BlockBlueLight's lightbulbs differ from other LED lightbulbs? 

BlockBlueLight's LED bulbs have transformed the common LED bulb to now be complexly safe and healthy for us. The bulbs have been specifically designed and manufactured to block 100% of harmful light wavelengths that will interfere with melatonin being released. BlockBlueLight has also incorporated an advanced driver to make the light completely flicker free; normal LED bulbs produce flicker which is causes headaches, migraines and eye strain. BlockBlueLight bulbs are also low EMF to ensure we are not also being exposed to harmful radiation.

Several top lighting manufacturers have introduced night-time bulbs that have lower blue light output and label these are "warm white", however these bulbs have not been designed with removing enough of the blue light spectrum, they still emit high amounts of blue light which will still cause melatonin suppression, and still have a lot of light flicker causing headaches and eye strain.

Only BlockBlueLight's bulbs are guaranteed to be 100% blue-free, 100% flicker free, and low EMF.

I've heard that LEDs are not good for us, how are BlockBlueLight's lightbulbs different? 

Common LED lighting you will find in most homes is bad for our health for two main reasons; They have a very high spike in the Blue light range and are void of any of the yellow orange or red colors. This high intensity of blue light is very far from natural balanced light you find in nature, it can cause eye damage, eye strain, headaches, and migraines. It is also responsible for causing sleep disruption by suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin.

Secondly Conventional LEDs produce flicker, while it may not be visible to the human eye, the LED lights are flashing on and off hundreds of times a second, the brain can recognize this flicker even if you can’t, which can then lead to eyestrain, headaches, loss in concentration, and even damage to our eyes!

All of BlockBlueLight's lighting products are extensively researched, designed, and manufactured to remove these harmful aspects of LED lighting. All their bulbs contain zero blue light wavelengths and is the only LED available that does not include the blue color spectrum at all. All our lighting products are low EMF and eliminate harmful flicker, providing a smooth, constant light that's better for your health!

Are BlockBlueLight's lightbulbs dimmable? 

BlockBlueLight's light bulbs are not suitable to be used with dimmer switches or to be dimmed. This is by design, because when LED bulbs are dimmed and are not running at full brightness it significantly increases the amount of flicker from the light, it also creates high EMF levels being emitted from the bulbs. BlockBlueLight has designed their light bulbs to be flicker free and low EMF, so to not compromise this they have made them non dimmable.

Can I just use a cheap coloured light bulb? How are BlockBlueLight products different? 

Be very careful with cheap colored light bulbs, while these appear to look like pure orange or red light they are not. BlockBlueLight has measured these with a laboratory grade spectrometer and have shown they still emit significant levels of blue light. Even a small amount of blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythms. The cheap bulbs are just colored shell to make normal light appear a different color such as red or orange. There’s no testing or specific designing gone into these bulbs to remove 100% the harmful blue and green spectrum of light.

Cheaper light bulbs will without a doubt will also have flicker which is been shown to cause migraines, damage the eyes and even may affect our nervous systems over time.

All of BlockBlueLight's lighting products are only emitting a particular beneficial wavelength of light, produce zero flicker, and are low EMF. All BlockBlueLight lighting products are spectrum tested and are guaranteed to have 100% no blue light (and green light for the red lights). We also provide the exact light spectrum reports of each light bulb to show you the exact wavelengths being emitted.