An Earthing Facelift

After being a participant in an Earthing study some years ago, and having been grounded for forty minutes, a lady named Cindy visited the restroom, and then rushed back to the office, a surprised look on her face.

“I just took one look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw,” she said. “It was as if I had slept for three days or been on a healing retreat. I looked so much better and younger. I’d been very tired, sad, and stressed out. I was amazed.”

Many other women have made similar comments, even after just half an hour or hour of grounding, or after sleeping grounded. They comment on how they feel − and look − better and have more radiant skin, brighter eyes, and more vitality.

Earthing Improves Blood Flow

Earthing or grounding has been shown to improve blood flow to the face and is one of the likely ways that earthing can potentially − and quickly − create a complexion boost and improve how you look.

facial-circA 2014 study published in the online Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Science and Applications documented for the first time an improvement in facial blood flow. The study concluded:

“Facial blood flow regulation clearly improved among grounded − but not sham-grounded − subjects. The results demonstrate, for the first time, that even one-hour contact with the Earth restores blood flow regulation to the face suggesting enhanced skin tissue repair and improved facial appearance with possible implications for overall health.”

As the Earthing Institute explains: “based on earthing observations over the years, one can expect that continued grounding would generate continuing benefits to skin, complexion, and vitality – in essence, an 'Earthing facelift.'”

One of the easiest ways to experience an 'Earthing facelift' is to sleep grounded. Check out our Night Time Earthing collection here