Earthing and Back Pain

The below is a testimonial taken from the Earthing book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!  written by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D and Martin Zucker

Mary Mason, 66, Colfax, California, Retired Oncology Nurse

"I suffered with bad back pain for twenty-five years. It was something I had to live with because you can't take narcotic painkillers and work with patients. You have to be very clear-headed. So Tylenol was my drug of choice. That was it."

"As a nurse I was skeptical about this Earthing idea when I first heard about it. But I decided to give it a try, and I'm sure glad I did. I've been sleeping grounded for four years and wouldn't think of sleeping any other way. Within two or three days, I noticed a difference. I remember calling my daughter at the end of the first week and telling her that my back wasn't hurting anymore."

"I don't have back pain as long as I sleep on the bed pad. It was proven to me very graphically once when I went to visit my daughter in Florida for two weeks. I didn't take the pad, and that trip home on the plane was excruciating. As soon as I got back home, I got myself onto the pad and the pain eased away."

"Another time I washed the pad and forgot to put it on the bed that night. When you're pain free, you don't think about it. I left it drying on the chair on the patio and woke up the next morning with pain. So I took a nap on the pad and got rid of the pain."

"Now I use it religiously and take it with me no matter where I go. Nothing has ever worked for me like that. It has really helped my quality of life overall."

"From my perspective as someone who worked with ill patients for more than twenty-five years, I think that Earthing could help so many patients. You could eliminate many problems and speed the healing process. Today, they give you one pill for one thing and then another one for the side effects. And it goes on ad nauseam. Earthing could eliminate a lot of that. It could be extremely helpful in surgical recovery and chronic pain clinics."

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