Results of Blushield Study to lead the way

Blushield Devices Show Promise in Early Study: Improved Sleep, Cognitive Function, and More

An independant study investigated the effects of Blushield's EMF protection devices on a group of 25 health professionals. Over 12 weeks the participants remained protected by the Blushield feild, 100% of the time. It was noted that this was easy to do, even for those who carried on with thieir busy lives. While the full results are currently with scientific journal publisher, here's a glimpse into what the study found:

Promising Signs for Cognitive Function and Sleep

Participants showed improvements in key cognitive areas like memory, focus, and processing speed. Additionally, sleep quality, particularly deep sleep, increased significantly. These areas are known to be potentially affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Possible Link to Cellular Channels 

The study suggests a connection between Blushield devices and changes in voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) in cells. Chronic EMF exposure is linked to overactive VGCCs, and the study observed a decrease in activity of a key VGCC gene after using Blushield devices. This could be a mechanism by which the devices might improve cognitive function.

Improved Heart Health and Blood Sugar

The study also found positive changes in heart rate variability (HRV), an indicator of heart health and stress resilience. Additionally, blood sugar levels went down even though participants started with healthy levels.

Safe and Accurate Analysis

The Blushield devices were reported to be safe and well-tolerated by participants. Furthermore, the DNA methylation analysis used in the study achieved a high accuracy score, strengthening the reliability of the findings.

Limitations and Next Steps

It's important to note that this was a small pilot study, and more research is needed with larger and more diverse groups to confirm these results. Future studies might explore the effects on people with conditions like prediabetes or diabetes to see if Blushield devices have a stronger impact on blood sugar regulation. This study was conducted with the protection of a Bllushield field from a Premium Ultra home/office device. Discover more about Blushield technology and and the Blushield range of products for work, home and personal protection on-the-go. See which product is right for you.

Overall, the Blushield pilot study offers promising initial data on the potential benefits of their devices for cognitive function, sleep, heart health, and blood sugar. However, further research is necessary to solidify these findings.

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