Scientists study the health concerns from artificial light

It may not be something that you think would have an impact on our health but exposure to light pollution is causing damage to our hearts. Sydney research is revealing that Australians are exposed to almost double the light emissions of other developed countries. Satellites looking at our Earth were referenced to measure artificial sky glow or electric lighting from the ground scattering into the atmosphere, also highlighting concentrated areas around the world of the growing health concern. 

Professor Jason Kovacic of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute observed, "Australia actually, quite interestingly, has quite a significant level of light pollution".

According to scientists from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the total light emission each Australian is exposed to is higher than in the UK and Germany. "It's particularly artificial light at night..." Professor Kovacic references street lights, and Professor Sean Cain from Flinders University elaborates, by referencing our indoor exposure. It's in our workspaces, our homes, our bedrooms! "We go inside our homes and have dramatically higher light than we should" Professor Cain states.

But rest assured, at the end of our naturally lit day, we can retreat to a suitable evening lit zone. We can create a place to unwind, where exposure to blue light and EMFs can be easily managed with blue light protection lighting solutions. Opting for low emission light bulbs and lamps, allows you to regain control of your natural circadian rhythms. A regulated circadian rhythm like that of our day to night natural lighting, is required by our bodies to regulate our natural state of wellbeing. See Blue Light Free Bulbs & Lamps.

Channel 7 News reported "Their latest study, showing those exposed to the highest levels are 23% more likely to be hospitalised with coronary heart disease..."

"Increasingly, we are also thinking that screen time could be part of the problem" Professor Jason Kovacic. 

Channel 7 News reported: "Scientists believe that it is due to the impact on circadian rhythm, our biological clock that regulates physical, mental and behavioural functions, and it isn't just heart health that suffers, when it’s disrupted,"

Professor Sean Cain from Flinders University: "We published a study showing that increased light at night is associated with a higher likelihood of developing diabetes. He suggests that we would want " keep our lights quite dim". However there are more practical lighting solutions to help us ease into our night phase for rest, recuperation and better sleep!

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