Why We Love SafeSleeve

A few years ago, when we were looking to expand our radiation protection range, one of the first products we wanted to offer our customers was a range of protective mobile phone cases. We road-tested several brands and models, all of which had their own merits and unique selling points but none felt quite right for us. We decided to draw up our ideal wish-list of what we wanted from an anti-radiation mobile phone case and this is what we came up with:

  • The best anti-radiation protection possible (obviously!)
  • An anti-radiation case which doesn't affect the mobile phone's signal and maintains connectivity while still protecting the user
  • A stylish, good-looking case that you'd proudly carry around 
  • A case cool enough that our kids would agree to have it on their phones!
  • A case sturdy enough that it wouldn't just protect from EMR but would also protect the actual phone itself from drops and spills
  • A case that could also act as a wallet to reduce the amount of 'stuff' we had to carry around
  • A product that was durable and long-lasting so we would only need to change it when we upgraded our phones

With our wish-list front-of-mind we went searching again and it wasn't long before we discovered the team over at SafeSleeve. The photos and the product information seemed to offer everything on our list but we were eager to get our hands on the product to see if they were the real deal.

When our samples arrived we were absolutely thrilled to tick off our wish-list items one by one and decided there and then that we would love to bring the range of SafeSleeve cases to Australia. Here is why:

‚ÄčThe best anti-radiation protection possible

FCC-certified lab tested radiation shielding material is integrated into the front flap of every SafeSleeve case to deflect and absorb radiation away from your head or body providing a radiation barrier between you and your phone. The signal can still enter and exit via the back panel. The shielding material is made of a lightweight, lead-free metallic alloy foil specially engineered to block all three types of radiation emitted by your phone (ELF, RF and termal) by up to 99%. See the full test results here

Using a SafeSleeve mobile phone case is easy: simply open up the front flap to answer or make the call, then close it again and talk through the protective front flap with no reduction in sound quality on either end. 

The protective front flap can be flipped to the back when texting, scrolling or watching videos. The front of your phone is obviously no longer protected when using the case in this position so just be sure to keep a safe distance between you and your phone. 15 - 20cm minimum is usually advised.

Doesn't affect the phone's signal and maintains connectivity

SafeSleeve cases offer single-sided protection and do not interfere with the signal quality or connectivity of your phone so you can use your phone as normal knowing that your head or body is protected. This is important because if the case were to block or interfere with your phone's connectivity, the phone would need to increase its power output to search for a signal and, in doing so, would significantly increase the level of EMR emitted. 

A stylish, good looking case you'd be proud to carry around

This was a no-brainer!

SafeSleeve cases are absolutely gorgeous, made from quality materials and are available in a range of colours to suit all tastes. You'd be proud to show your case off to your mates! The cases can also be easily coverted into a stand to make watching videos easier: stylish, functional and protective! What's not to love? 

Cool for kids

Yes, the cases even passed the kids' test! Both the older boys and girls of Earthing Oz proudly carry their phones around in a SafeSleeve case and are all very well-versed (brain-washed!?) in safe tech habits when it comes to using their mobile phones. 

All-round protection

Do the SafeSleeve cases protect the phone as well as the user? Well, after our fair share of mobile phone mishaps here at EO we can vouch for this first-hand! 

I remember watching in horror as my brand new phone was knocked out of my hand at the supermarket by my trolley-bound pre-schooler (I had saved my shopping list in the notes app). As it went skittering across the canned goods aisle I was sure there was no way any case in the world could have saved it from the inevitable smashed screen. As I nervously opened up the front flap of the case I was flooded with relief to discover it was all intact - as if nothing had happened at all - my shopping list still staring at me from the screen. SafeSleeve to the rescue!!

Disclaimer: the case will only protect the phone if the case is actually closed at the time of the incident of course! 

Also acts as a wallet 

This was a bit of a deal-breaker for the men of Earthing Oz who didn't want to have to carry around a phone in a case and a wallet. Thankfully, SafeSleeve have this covered and each phone case includes three credit card slots plus a larger slot which can fit a few notes or business cards. Even better, the case incorporates RFID protection to prevent thieves from scanning your RFID-enabled credit cards and ID cards. They really have thought of everything! I love being able to leave my handbag at home and just grab my phone case and my keys knowing I have everything I need in one place. 

Durable and long-lasting

SafeSleeve cases are made from quality, durable materials which are built to last. The metallic clasp is strong and sturdy so, with the usual level of day-to-day care you shouldn't need to upgrade your SafeSleeve case until you upgrade your phone. 

We have now been proudly selling SafeSleeve cases for mobile phones, tablets and laptops in Australia since 2016. With new colours, styles and models released often, they remain one of our most popular collections. 

Discover the SafeSleeve collection today.