Deepak Chopra On Earthing

World-renowned author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate and self-help guru Deepak Chopra has added the practice of earthing (or grounding) to his six pillars of well-being philosophy. 

Chopra’s philosophy focuses on diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, healthy emotions and stress reduction as the keys to a happy, healthy life. In a recent interview with he explains how grounding can help to relieve stress and anxiety and improve overall wellbeing: “The earth is a biosphere with negative and positive forces, like a battery, and your body is part of the battery. So take some time to walk barefoot on the earth, absorbing the free electrons, and recharge your battery.

In a youtube video, shared on his Facebook page which has over 2 million likes, Chopra explains the science behind earthing and how it helps to alleviate stress, improve sleep, increase energy levels and crucially how it can dramatically reduce inflammation now recognised as a leading cause of chronic illness. He talks about The Chopra Centre using Earthing products on their massage therapists to help them reduce inflammation.  

For an in-depth, yet concise explanation of how earthing works and why it is being embraced around the globe, we highly recommend setting aside 16 minutes to watch Deepak Chopra’s video and you too can help spread the word about the wonderfully simple health benefits of Earthing.