Earthing and Blood Circulation

Earthing Benefits for the Blood

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the benefits of grounding is the effect it has on the blood. When our bodies are unable to balance the positive charge that results from things like electron-deficient free radicals, the effect on the blood can be seen very clearly by the way in which the cells are attracted to clump together.

The images on the left show blood cells before grounding and the images on the right show blood cells after grounding for 40 mins.

Darkfield microscope images of blood taken from three individuals just before and after forty minutes of grounding. The pictures clearly show blood viscosity changes dramatically after relatively short periods of earthing/grounding. There is much less clumping and clotting of the red blood cells (RBCs). RBCs have a much greater negative charge when the body is Earthed and will tend to repel each other more readily (Like charges repel and opposite charges attract) and therefore will not clump together.

Less viscous blood flows much better and will enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cells. Thinner blood benefits anyone with cardiovascular disease and diabetes ,and greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. The blood samples were taken during research into grounding by Dr Stephen Sinatra MD. Read the full report here


Earthing Benefits for Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a description as well as a diagnosis. Medical research cites many contributing factors, and among them a heightened or chronic state of stress is high on the list. So it is easy to understand why Earthing can benefit hypertension. In our day and age, there is no shortage of factors in daily life that can lead to chronic stress. The most dramatic drops in blood pressure we have observed after people start Earthing have been associated with reduction of pain and the anxiety and fear of chronic illness.

Earthing book co-author and cardiologist Stephen Sinatra remarks: “I am convinced that grounding does indeed lower blood pressure. And, if you are hypertensive and taking medication for it, and you want to ground to reduce inflammation, you need to tell your physician. He or she may need to adjust and lower your medication accordingly. Track your own blood pressure with a monitoring device at home and bring to your doctor a written record of your readings before and after grounding sessions.”

Main causes of hypertension:

  • Hardening of the blood vessels caused by inflammation and free-radical damage
  • Acidification of the blood caused by loss of negative electrons and too many positive ions
  • Sympathetic nervous system overdrive which causes the blood vessels to constrict

The potential to improve blood pressure comes from several different mechanisms:

  • Earthing generates a shift in the nervous system away from sympathetic (the vigilant, fight-or-flight mode) mode associated with stress and toward the parasympathetic calming, relaxing) mode.
  • Earthing exerts a normalizing effect on cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • It promotes better sleep and reduces inflammation and pain.

All of these, and likely other factors as well, can benefit blood pressure. If we can reduce inflammation and free radical damage, increase the alkalinity of the blood with negative electrons, and rebalance the SNS and PNS, we can reduce the likelihood of hypertension developing as we age. We can achieve all these objectives simply by Earthing ourselves as often as we can.

Metabolic syndrome in humans is a widespread, and rapidly growing,precursor to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by health factors that include the following:

  • excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen
  • blood fat disorders — high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol — that contribute to plaque buildup in arterial walls
  • elevated blood pressure
  • insulin resistance or glucose intolerance
  • tendency to form clots in the blood

Preliminary results from animal studies reveal that Earthing provides significant improvement in several biochemical factors associated with metabolic syndrome. Read the study here