Earthing and Sports Injuries

I’ve been trying to give myself little breaks from the office this week to catch up with the latest from the Rio Olympics – go Australia! It’s inspiring to watch athletes who have worked so very hard and sacrificed so much to follow their dream of being an elite sports person on the world stage. What their minds and bodies have to endure throughout their gruelling training regimes is unbelievable as are the chronic injuries they sustain. I was reminded of the story of Dr Jeff Spencer, a prominent sports medicine specialist and former Olympic cyclist based in Pasadena, California who uses Earthing in his treatment of athletes. Here is an excerpt from Dr Spencer from the book Earthing: the most important health discovery ever in which he discussed Earthing versus Icing for injuries:

‘From many years of experience treating the injuries of athletes, I find that Earthing offers healing benefits above and beyond the results we typically see with icing. The classic signs and consequences of injury are much less pronounced, and in some cases don’t even develop when I apply Earthing to an injury. The signs are redness, heat, swelling, pain, and decreased range of motion.

‘My typical strategy is to apply an Earthing patch on the skin – over or adjacent to the injury site – and then a second patch to a primary acupuncture point on the same side of the body. That means the palm of a hand, if the injury is above the waist or to the K1 point on the bottom of the foot for an injury to the lower extremities.’

‘With Earthing you also have an ideal situation where you can go to sleep with the patches applied to the injury area and get continuous treatment. For added effect, you also can use other Earthing products, like an Earthing mat or sheet.’

This short video features the use of Earthing’s healing power in action for top cyclists in the Tour de France by Dr Jeff Spencer.

You don’t have to be a high performing athlete to use Earthing to relieve pain and swelling from injuries of course. If you suffer from an ongoing injury that is causing you pain, give Dr Spencer’s Earthing advice a go and see if it makes the difference you have been searching for.

‘Regardless of the extent of the injury, pain reduction is significant with Earthing compared to ice; frequently, 40 to 50 per cent less. I have never experienced that kind of healing with icing. Recovery time is significantly reduced.’