Earthing Testimonials

‘Mum is ecstatic’

We bought an Earthing sheet for my mother who has suffered and is suffering from chronic rheumatoid and osteo arthritis . . . Mum rang me after trying the sheet for the first time all excited saying she was able to get to the toilet without having to take painkillers! Her personal experience was instant improvement with a gradual increase in further improvement over the next week . . . Mum is ecstatic that she has been able to cut down on some of her medication and so is her doctor!!!

- Sue Martin, NSW, Australia


‘Thank You Earthing Oz!’

I have very complex chronic health conditions. These conditions effect my heart, brain, joints, muscles - pretty much my whole body. I purchased some Earthing products after watching YouTube videos about Earthing and since using them my sleep has improved significantly. A combination of herbal medicines, Earthing and reducing EMF exposure has made a huge difference to my chronic fatigue syndrome . . . My daughter has also been getting a much more restful sleep, without waking, since sleeping on the Earthing sheet. It's amazing what putting the body in the right environment will do :-) Thank you Earthing Oz! I'm getting my whole family onto Earthing now too.

- Alana Brown, ACT, Australia


‘I love being earthed’

I love being Earthed! I have been sleeping on an Earthing sheet for 4 years now. I noticed at my birthday party, surrounded by my dearest friends 90% of them also sleep Earthed ... Great energy in the room. To my story, I have a greyhound rescue dog who has his own half sheet (spoilt) who now springs out of bed in the morning after years of waking up stiff from major calcification due to track injuries. I also have an Eclectus parrot (female) who has laid 2 eggs this year, one month after I earthed her sleeping perch ... she's a different bird! She only seems to sleep on the Earthed one, even when I try to trick her by moving the perch around. There is a definite transformation in both my friends and pets. Thank you Clint Ober for going through hell and back for us. I would have tried if you didn't.

- Samantha Burston, NSW, Australia


‘I Am Now Consistently Connected to our Earth Mother’

Our original lore of The Dreaming came directly to us from the Male forms of The Great Spirit. These Great Ancestral beings gave us the Law of the Land. This was to watch and listen to the female forms of the Great Spirit we know as Earth Mother and live according to what she tells us to do. To look after her because she looks after us. We were taught that she is extraordinarily powerful. That she gives us many gifts and the most important and powerful of these gifts is healing. This healing however will only work if we are physically connected to her Earth with our skin. That is why we wore no shoes and slept on the ground. Sleeping being the most powerful time for healing.

So, when I came across some products that could connect me physically to the Earth and heal me while I sleep and while on the computer I purchased them immediately. I am now consistently connected to our Earth Mother and it has been an awesome breakthrough for my health, well-being and for living our culture. It has given me: a much longer, deeper sleep (no waking for over 6 hours); much more vivid, lucid and memorable dreams; much less and quieter snoring; more energy during the day; thinner more oxygenated blood, and; healed a sprained ankle overnight.

Based on my own personnel experience I highly recommend this product. I believe it is an essential item for reconnection to the healing benefits of our Earth Mother.

- Evan Yanna Muru, Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout, Australia


‘Value for dollar, ease of use, this is the best value natural healing on the market’

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the Earthing Sheets . . . I heard about Earthing after reading the book Energy Medicine Technologies. I'm a person who tests and experiments any type of natural therapy. I must say the Earthing Sheet is one of the best I have come across. 

My partner who has severe back pain caused by an auto-immune disease now wakes up with 80% less pain . . . I had plantar fasciitis for two years and after one month of using the Earthing Sheet it was gone. I recover faster from training. 

I bought Earthing Sheets for my kids and they are so much happier in the morning, and have less melt downs. Value for dollar, ease of use, this is the best value natural healing on the market. Thank you.

- Mark Knight, Australia


‘I have now bought earthing sheets for every member of my family’

The earthing sheet that I initially bought from you was for my daughter who has epilepsy, I was desperately seeking anything that would provide some relief for her . . . slowly but surely we have seen improvements in her health. We also bought the pillow case, and the individual pads and these have made a huge difference. I have now bought earthing sheets for every member of my family. I just wanted to thank you so much and thank you so much for your videos.

- Dara Dimitrov, NZ


‘Earthing makes so much sense when you understand free radicals, electrons and physiology’

After 3-4 months with the earthing sheets  I suddenly realised I can get out of bed and walk normally with no pain. For several years I was bent over double with pain and stiffness until I had warmed up. Then it hit me I had not had any carpal tunnel problems for a few months either. This had been very severe and I was holding off going for surgery. Best of all, my 3-month average blood sugar test, (HbA1c) came in at 5.4 with no explainable reason. It had been over 7 previously. My diet & exercise regimen had not changed a bit. Then I realised another very painful experience had also been eliminated - constant static electricity. I would still get "shocked" opening the car door using gloves and taking off a dressing gown - thousands of flashes of light surrounding me. All gone. Nothing has changed except for using earthing sheets and mats for typing at the computer. Earthing makes so much sense when you understand free radicals, electrons and physiology.

- Anne Stuckey, NSW, Australia


‘My pain is 100% better’

I was a bit hesitant to go with the grounding sheet at first though my Wife said to me it's worth a try. I have had sciatic pain every day since March 2013 and the pain had become a friend I no longer needed. I was taking ‘anti this’ tablets and ‘anti that’ tablets 3 times a day -  I felt like a lab rat. I've been on the earthing sheet for 6 nights and it's magic, my pain is 100% better and my wife tells me I no longer snore. Please if you’re in pain in any way try it you'll be amazed. It's worked for me.

- Richard Waddington, WA, Australia


‘I am the best I have been for a long time’

I am a light sleeper and rather restless, too, or at least I was until I started sleeping on an earthed sheet. I sleep quite well at night now, hardly move at all. I also injured my sacrum and had difficulty walking, after a fall, about a year ago. Lots of acupuncture and some chiro saw me slowly improving, but always had discomfort sitting and sleeping. I am the best I have been for a long time, since I have started sleeping grounded. I highly recommend giving this a go, you will wish you had done it sooner!!

- Laura Willett, QLD, Australia


‘I highly recommend that you travel with your earthing mat’

I visited Athens in Greece recently. It was a full moon and I was taking a lovely scenic walk around the Acropolis when I fell on my coccyx and went sliding down five steps on my behind. It was only day 2 of my 6-week trip. My coccyx was in a lot of pain. That night at the hotel, I took out my overseas adapter and slept on my earthing mat (the one that I use on my computer). I had taken it with me to help me recover from jet-lag, which it did. Well I was stunned. The next morning my coccyx was feeling great and I was able to continue to walk through many marble ruins over the course of our Greek Odyssey. I highly recommend that you travel with your earthing mat. My coccyx is now fine, thanks to early intervention.

- Mary, Australia


I didn't know it would be THIS good! Seriously!

I just got my earthing mat and I am SO happy with it! This is my first one, but I had done the research beforehand so I knew it would be good. The thing is I didn't know it would be THIS good! SERIOUSLY! I had put off buying a mat for a while because I figured standing on the Earth would suffice. Sure standing on the Earth is GREAT, but I needed an earthing mat for indoors. By using this earthing mat at my PC I have transformed a detrimental task of using a PC, being exposed to EMF, etc. to a beneficial task! I feel connected to the Earth which is connected to all of humanity, every animal, plant and the universe itself! I feel amazing.

- Travis C, Australia


‘I felt strong & energetic ... and finished feeling great’

I was participating in a 3-day bicycle ride. The first day I really struggled - lack of energy and very weak in the legs. Having just bought a new earthing recovery bag I thought I would try it. Rested on it for a while that afternoon then slept in it that night. I was a little concerned about the next day's ride as it was longer with many more hills. I felt strong and energetic, rode up every hill and finished feeling great. Was it being earthed or some other miraculous reason?

- Margaret Bath, QLD, Australia


‘The hospital [staff] were nothing short of astounded . . .’

Our 7mo old pushed herself backward off her high chair and crashed down on the marble floor, fracturing her skull. At the time we had no idea that she had fractured her skull. We instantly took her down to the beach/rocks and lay her down on the earth. She stopped crying immediately, I kid you not, and seemed completely fine, albeit a little overwhelmed but she was playing, laughing and smiling as normal. She also slept grounded at night. In summary, the fracture was right across the left side of her skull. We were told come back 6 weeks to see how progressing. The hospital [staff] were nothing short of astounded when we came back after a record 3 weeks COMPLETELY healed! No trace of that fracture. Me knowing about Earthing eased some of guilt for letting this happen in the first place.

- E.A., Sydney, Australia


I thank Earthing Oz for supplying me with the starter packs!

What I can say is this; from this day forward I intend to use earthing products religiously as part of my lifestyle as practically as is feasible. This was my experience; I had a chronic long-term infection characterised by extreme chronic fatigue. One of my gurus David Wolfe suggested this remedy in these words; "I don't care what you have or how long you've had it, if you hide, don't eat, sleep and remain grounded between Heaven and Earth, you will be healed" I did just that . . . I thank Earthing Oz for supplying me with the starter packs!

- Andrew, VIC, Australia


‘My painful joints in my knees and hands reduced to an unnoticeable level’

I got my painful joints in 2005 at the age of 46 when undertaking training in Sydney: Ross River virus, liver testing - the joints remained painful - especially my knees - until I started sleeping on the earthing sheet . . . After sleeping on earthing sheet for 2 weeks, my painful joints in my knees and hands reduced to an unnoticeable level - to the extent that I would say was cured.

- John, VIC, Australia


‘I have never slept like this before’

I have had the [Earthing] Recovery Bag for a week today and the experience is unbelievable. The first night I noticed tingling in my body from the feet to my head, a little difficult to get to sleep but when I did I slept a full 6 hours, normal sleep pattern is about 2 hours straight with hours awake between sleeping sessions. Day two was much better, got used to tingling, slept 6 hours but had some good defined dreams. Day three, the dreams become more vivid, clearer and organised. Day four, slept 8 hours, fantastic, very relaxed but did I generate some heat. I perspired most of the night but even so still relaxed. Day five, now we are getting to really enjoy the experience, 8 hours, perspired and good recall of dreams. Had done a hard weight lifting workout the day before and when I woke I was relaxed without soreness. Day six, six hours sleep but after waking I was back to sleep in no time flat. I have never slept like this before, very relaxed . . .will buy two more bags.

- J. Damien, NSW, Australia


‘I consider Earthing one of the very few healing tools I feel is universally appropriate and essential for everyone’

In late 2011 I received an earthing sleeping sheet, after reading the Earthing book. I woke the next morning feeling clearly more rested than usual. I felt a great improvement in my sleep for about a week but then it became 'normal' and I didn't think about it any further. 4-6 weeks later I was musing to myself how good I had felt in recent weeks. It seemed that suddenly I was feeling very intact and together, and whole as a person . . . I felt balanced and centred . . . It took a while but I eventually realised that my new quality of consciousness and feeling of wholeness slowly commenced exactly when I started sleeping with an Earthing sheet.

I am energetically and emotionally a better person as a result of these many months of sleeping earthed, and the quality of my life and relationships continues to reflect this. Someone I hadn’t seen for 12 months recently told me I seemed more ‘solid and grounded’ than before. I really AM grateful . . . I consider Earthing one of the very few healing tools I feel is universally appropriate and essential for everyone.

- A.F, QLD, Australia


‘Being earthed is an absolute must for everyone’

I have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in some of my fingers and toes: an autoimmune disease characterised by swelling, stiffness, inflammation and pain . . . My husband Linton has chronic longstanding lower back and neck problems with acute episodes of spasm and pain.

I first heard about Earthing from an article written on the website. It made so much sense to me and I have since bought a bedsheet, two universal mats, a pair of grounding shoes each and the Earthing Book. The book is an excellent read, and this combined with the videos on the website certainly convinced me that being earthed is an absolute must for everyone.

We have the sheet on the bed earthed with a rod in the garden and a mat under our computer keyboards (also earthed by a rod in the garden). We wear our grounders whenever we walk outside if there is no grass or concrete to walk on. I also purchased a volt meter and was amazed to see how many volts go through our bodies and how they are reduced to almost nothing when in contact with an earthing product. Thanks to an adaptor plug which we can plug into a power point, we take the sheet and a mat with us when we are staying away from home.

The best results from being earthed for me have been a further reduction in the arthritic symptoms - I hardly know I have a problem now. I also find that when I have exercised different muscles e.g after a strenuous day in the garden, that I now don't get the usual muscle soreness a day later. We are both sleeping better and whether it is a great sleep that we have or an "OK" one, we still awaken feeling fresh and always last the day without feeling tired.

Linton has improved the most. He now gets out of bed without stiffness or pain and moves quite freely. He often literally dances around because he feels so good. Although he still gets an occasional acute bout of pain in his neck or lower back, his recovery time is only two or three days instead of two weeks.

A friend of mine has also been amazed at how much better she feels since being earthed and is grateful to me for recommending your products . . .I feel quite passionate about the need to be earthed especially in today's toxic world that we live in. I am always looking for a chance to spread the word about earthing. I like the idea of having an autopad in the car - this will most likely be my next purchase!

- Jan, New Zealand


‘Thank you for giving me my life back’

I had been suffering with tendonitis for nearly a year when I came across earthing on the internet. I had just been through 3 months of totally immobilizing my right wrist to try and reduce the inflammation and pain. You can imagine how frustrating this was! I was at the stage where I would use my hand until the pain began and then I would put my splint back on. Usually this was around mid- morning.

I contacted Earthing Oz and purchased an Earthing sheet. The first day after sleeping on the sheet was a busy one spent cooking for a 21st birthday party. It wasn’t until the evening that I realized my wrist had been pain free all day. I was amazed and relieved and excited all in one! That was the end of my pain and I have been pain free ever since.

Thank you for giving me my life back

- Pamela, QLD, Australia


‘I encourage everyone to look at those products and give it a try for the benefit of their health’

I have suffered over 20 years from pain in my right leg when driving long distances (sometime so bad that I have to stop the car and walk on the side of the road) I have try all kind of apparatus but all proved to be very little comfort to my well being.

All this changed a couple of weeks ago . . . I purchased 2 car mats and a pair of thongs for all the family. With the car mat, the benefit has been felt instantly, the pain in my leg is gone so no more stopping on the side of the road when driving. This is short of a miracle after so many years of pain. I encourage everyone to look at those products and give it a try for the benefit of their health, please protect, instruct yourself and your kids on the dangers of EMF.

- Jean, Australia


Within two weeks of sleeping grounded my heel spur pain completely disappeared and has never returned

I had been suffering from a very painful heel spur for about 15 months. Having invested in a lot of "granny" shoes and orthotic inserts, I was rarely able to walk the dog and was in constant pain. I also had a spinal fusion and lamenectomy in 2004 and suffered back pain more on than off. I was given a copy of the earthing book to read and subsequently purchased an earthing sheet. Within two weeks of sleeping grounded my heel spur pain completely disappeared and has never returned . . . Most of the discomfort in my back has gone, and if I do have a bit of pain from overdoing the gardening or whatever, by the time I have had a wonderful night’s sleep I am up and running and pain free. 

I have to confess that my little dog sleeps on a sheet on top of the bed and always tried to sleep up the top near me. He constantly snuffled and snored and got up and turned around a dozen times a night. Since I have had the earthing sheet across the bottom of the bed he has slept down there on it. He sleeps like a log all night long and all the snoring and snuffling has stopped. So we now both get a very peaceful and restful night’s sleep and are fit, healthy and raring to go each morning.

- Sue, QLD, Australia


‘I am pleased and relieved he is Earthed at night whilst sleeping’

When our newly purchased Earthing sheet arrived for our own use I suggested to our son that he may find his jet lag and broken sleep (5 nights) would be addressed if he was Earthed.

Two years ago he was the recipient of kidney transplant surgery - a good night's sleep is especially important to his health. After reluctantly viewing the earthing videos he agreed to sleep on the earthing sheet. From that time until he departed New Zealand he slept soundly every night and willingly took our Earthing sheet home with him.

Once back home he noted that when the Earthing sheet was off the bed and being washed he did not sleep very well, when the sheet was back on the bed, he again fell asleep easily and slept soundly through the night.

Soon after his transplant surgery I managed to talk him in to walking with bare feet on the grass in a park. He thought the reason I suggested this was very strange and it wasn't until he saw the actual videos on the computer whilst home recently, that the 'penny dropped' about how we can be affected when we are not earthed.

As he lives on the 18th floor of a high-rise building I am pleased and relieved he is earthed at night whilst sleeping.

- Christine, New Zealand