Which EMR-free headset?

Having trouble deciding which EMR-free AirTube headset solution is right for you?

Check out the chart below for a comparison of the different models available.

All EMF-free AirTube headsets are fitted with a 3.5mm jack for a standard 3.5mm headphone port. Newer models of the iPhone (iPhone 7 and above) will require an Apple lightning adaptor attachment in order to connect the headset to the iPhone. Newer Samsung Galaxy models require a USB adaptor attachment. Check whether your phone requires an adaptor prior to purchase.

Adaptors are to be purchased separately and are not available from Earthing Oz. 


 SafeSleeve AirTube   Headset 

 DefenderShield AirTube Headset

  DefenderShield AirTube Over-ear Headset (Adults)

  DefenderShield AirTube Over-ear Headset (Kids)

 Cool Call Anti-Radiation Device

 Hollow  AirTubes from speaker to ear to reduce EMR exposure

Tangle-free braided nylon cord infused with copper     
Ear buds/tips in  three sizes      
Includes sports tips in three sizes        
Adjustable, over-ear headpiece      
Built-in microphone  
High definition speakers  
Advanced, professional grade speakers    
Aluminium speakers        
Volume control  
Answer/end phone call button and audio controls  
93dB Volume Limiting Technology        
Storage case/carry pouch  
EMR-reducing attachment for use with existing wired headset        
Fitted with 3.5mm audio jack
Colours available Black or white Black/grey Black Blue White
Advertised retail price $55 $120 $260 $160 $39.95
 Manufacturer's  Warranty 60 days  1 year 1 year 1 year 90 days