Harmony Grounding Shoes FAQs

Can you wear orthotics with a pair of Harmony Grounding Shoes?

Sadly not. Placing anything between the inner sole of the Harmony Grounding shoe and your foot is likely to inhibit the transfer of electrons from the shoe to you and would mean that you are not benefitting from the grounding effects of the Harmony shoes. 

How can I choose the right size shoe? 

We know it's tricky to buy shoes online so we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you decide on the right size shoe for your feet. Please see our size guide here for further information?

What if I choose the wrong size? Can I exchange? 

Of course! Please see our Harmony Shoes Exchange page for all the information you need. 

The Harmony shoes I want are not listed on your website. Can you get them for me? 

We list a wide range of Harmony shoe styles at Earthing Oz but we don't have room for all of them unfortunately. If you see a pair of Harmony Grounding Shoes that we don't currently list on our website, we can place a special order with Harmony the next time we place a stock order with them. Depending on timings, this could mean a wait of 3 - 4 months. We will advise you the approximate wait time at the time of your purchase. To request a special order, please email us at admin@earthingoz.com.au and let us know which style and size you would like. Please note, that full payment must be made before a special order can be placed. Alternatively it may be quicker for you to order direct from the Harmony 783 website.