How to Leave a Review

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review about your experience with Earthing Oz. Whether it's a review on a particular product or feedback on our friendly customer service, there are a couple of easy ways for you to let us know what you think. 

Product reviews and real customer experiences are so important to help people decide whether our products and services might be right for them in their search for better health.  

Every review published on our website will receive an email with a 10% discount code to use on your next purchase.

How to leave a product review

1. Head to the product web page of the product you wish to review 

2. Scroll down underneath the main image and product description and select the tab titled 'Reviews' 

3. Click on the button 'Write a Review' where you will be prompted to log into your Earthing Oz account. This is to ensure the review is being written by a verified customer

4. Enter your star rating, review title and review description. Then click 'Preview' to see how your review will appear.

5. If you are happy with your review, select 'Post Review.' By selecting this option you are agreeing to your review being made live on our website, as well as being used in other promotional channels e.g.: our subscriber newsletter and our social media pages. We'll only ever use your first name! 

How to leave general (non-product specific) feedback

1. Simply email your feedback to us and we will add it to our 'What Our Customers Say' web page. We may also decide to include the review in our subscriber newsletter and on our social media pages. We'll only ever use your first name!