Ocushield Blue Light Filters FAQs

How Much Blue Light Does Ocushield Block? 

Developed by qualified optometrists, our medically-rated screen protectors for smartphones and tablets effectively block up to 99% of harmful UV & blue light emissions between 300-400nm and up to 40% of harmful blue light between 400-470nm. Meaning you’re protected from harmful blue light and all of the nasty stuff that comes with it - such as headaches, tired eyes, sleepless nights and premature ageing. 

What is the Ocushield Blue Light Filter Made Of? Can it be Cut to Size?

Ocushield blue light screen protectors for mobile phones and iPads are made of high quality tempered glass to protect both your eyes and screens. As you can imagine, cutting glass won’t work too well, so we don’t advise it. The screen filters for macbooks and monitors/laptops can be cut down if needed though - but be careful!

Will the Ocushield Blue Light Filter Cause Clarity Issues? 

Unlike other blue light filters, Ocushield won’t turn your screen a retro orange colour and keeps 95% clarity for a crystal clear picture. So unless orange is your favourite colour, you can enjoy blue light protection without any changes to your view.

How Sturdy Are the Screen Protectors? 

Our screen protectors are made of tough, tempered glass, protecting your screens from chips and scratches. So not only do they protect your eyes, skin and wider health, but they’ll also help to keep your phone in tip top condition.

What Are the Correct Dimensions for my MacBook? 

To find the right size for your screen, we recommend that you measure it diagonally from each edge -  from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. You can then find the right size according to the measurements we provide. 

What Years Do the MacBook Models Cover?

The Ocushield MacBook blue light filters cover the following models:

MacBook Pro 13: Models 2017 - present

MacBook Air 13:  Models 2018 - present 

MacBook Pro 15: All available models

Are the Sticky Tabs Necessary for the MacBook and laptop screens? 

The sticky tabs are essential for applying the filters to your MacBook or laptop screens. They allow you to apply the screen and to keep it fixed in place.

Do You Have Screens with Infused Privacy Filters?

We currently only offer screen protectors with an infused privacy filter, allowing you to work in peace and protect your eyes.

If I Don't Have the Exact Laptop Size Can I Cut It Down to Size? 

If we don’t offer the exact screen size for your laptop, monitor or PC, you can buy a larger size and cut it down to fit. We do recommend that you use a stanley knife for the best fit - and of course, be careful!!