SafeSleeve Information

Choosing the correct SafeSleeve Case for your phone 

Please ensure you choose the correct SafeSleeve case for your mobile phone. Each size is specifically made for particular models to ensure that phone fits securely within the case, and that the camera, volume controls etc all line up correctly with the designated slots in the case. Please bear in mind that many models of phone come in both regular and plus sizes and require different cases e.g.: an iPhone is available in both an 8 and an 8Plus.

If you are unsure about which model phone you have, you can check in your settings. For an iPhone the model of phone can usually be found in Settings > General > About or under your personal profile information in Settings. For a Samsung phone, if you use the Android operating system, you can usually find the phone model listed undert Settings > About Phone. 

We stock SafeSleeve Cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones only. For all other makes and models of phone, we recommend using a SafeSleeve Universal Case which come in both small and large depending on the dimensions of your phone. 

Returning an incorrect SafeSleeve Case 

If you have recently purchased a SafeSleeve Case, only to realise you mistakenly ordered the wrong size, don't worry!

Simply return the unused, undamaged case to us in its original packaging and, if we have stock of the case you require, we will swap it for you no worries. You'll just need to cover the postage costs to send the SafeSleeve case back to us and for us to send a new one out to you. We charge a flat rate fee of $9.95 to send a replacement SafeSleeve case to you. An invoice will be emailed to you for payment prior to shipping.