SafeSleeve Shielding Effectiveness Study Results

The supplier of the SafeSleeve shielding material had independent lab testing done on the effectiveness of their shielding material at reducing a cell phone user's radiation exposure.

Cell radiation is measured in terms of how much your body absorbs. The amount of radiation absorbed it known as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and can only be measured in a highly controlled laboratory environment, known as an anechoic chamber, with special equipment.

The results are in and they are impressive! Here's a graph showing SAR levels from an iPhone 5S with and without the shield. There is at least a 95% reduction seen across the three major frequencies of cellular signal!

SAR levels with and without SafeSleeve Shielding Technology shows at least 95% reduction across all frequencies. Testing was conducted at an independent lab by the SafeSleeve supplier of the shielding material.