I am pleased and relieved he is earthed at night whilst sleeping

Christine, New Zealand

When our newly purchased Earthing sheet arrived for our own use I suggested to our son that he may find his jet lag and broken sleep (5 nights) would be addressed if he was Earthed.

Two years ago he was the recipient of kidney transplant surgery - a good night's sleep is especially important to his health. After reluctantly viewing the earthing videos he agreed to sleep on the earthing sheet. From that time until he departed New Zealand he slept soundly every night and willingly took our Earthing sheet home with him.

Once back home he noted that when the Earthing sheet was off the bed and being washed he did not sleep very well, when the sheet was back on the bed, he again fell asleep easily and slept soundly through the night.

I had explained to him on previous occasions about being earthed but he thought it was 'airy fairy' talk and dismissed it. However, he was willing to give it a try once he had viewed the information on the videos. 

Soon after his transplant surgery I managed to talk him in to walking bare feet on the grass in a park. He thought the reason I suggested this was very strange and it wasn't until he saw the actual videos on the computer whilst home recently, that the 'penny dropped' about how we can be affected when we are not earthed.

As he lives on the 18th floor of a high-rise building I am pleased and relieved he is earthed at night whilst sleeping.

I have sent your videos to a number of people who have shown interest after my explanation to them of the need for us all to be grounded.