I find that I get less tired as the day goes on. I generally sleep well and need less sleep

J.G., Australia

I'm 67 years of age and have been using the Earthing Oz products for 6 weeks: the Bed Pad Sleep System at night, the Universal Mat when I watch TV in the evenings and the Mouse Pad when I'm on the computer for an average of one hour in the mornings.

I used to have a lot of pain from my sacro-iliac joint, my right hip joint and my neck. These pains seemed to be from muscles and/or tendons, although the neck joint involved very reduced cartilege between two of the vertebrae. All those pains have gone except when I strain the neck joint by taking on an extreme position.

I have a slightly prolapsed mitral valve in the heart which used to mean that I became puffed when walking uphill. After about 2 weeks I found that I no longer became puffed walking up the hill near our home. Yesterday I climbed a steep, bushy slope without stopping and without getting breathless.

I find that I get less tired as the day goes on. I generally sleep well and need less sleep.

I've noticed that grounding allows my body to address old injuries, even injuries that I thought were "history". For example, my jaw used to be crooked. My passport photo shows that clearly. A couple of weeks ago, while using the Universal Mat, the tempo-mandibular joint on my left side began to hurt. It lasted several minutes. Afterwards I noticed that I could rotate my jaw without it being clunky. I looked in the mirror and found that my jaw was no longer crooked.

All sorts of pains from long ago dental treatments have come and gone - extractions, injections and so on. I'm quite sure that this is a healing process as it happened with a toe that I had stubbed badly. The toe was no longer hurting but two of the joints were very tender when pressed lightly. Over about 10 days different pains in the area would turn up briefly while I was using the Universal Mat and would then disappear. Now there is no tenderness.

All of the above and more are amazing to me and very, very welcome.