Samantha Burston, Sydney, Australia
 'I love being Earthed' 


I love being Earthed! I have been sleeping on an Earthing sheet for 4 years now. I noticed at my birthday party, surrounded by my dearest friends 90% of them also sleep Earthed ... Great energy in the room. To my story, I have a greyhound rescue dog who has his own half sheet (spoilt) who now springs out of bed in the morning after years of waking up stiff from major calcification due to track injuries. I also have an Eclectus parrot (female) who has laid 2 eggs this year, one month after I Earthed her sleeping perch ... she's a different bird! She only seems to sleep on the Earthed one, even when I try to trick her by moving the perch around. There is a definite transformation in both my friends and pets. Thank you Clint Ober for going through hell and back for us. I would have tried if you didn't.