The best results from being earthed for me have been a further reduction in the arthritic symptoms

Jan, New Zealand

I have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in some of my fingers and toes. An autoimmune disease characterised by swelling, stiffness, inflammation and pain. Over the past eight years I have managed to control these symptoms with a drastic change in lifestyle, mainly a high raw diet.

My husband Linton has chronic longstanding lower back and neck problems with acute episodes of spasm and pain. This is probably due to years of contact sport in his younger years and a sedentary working life. He is still working - currently from his home office, which still necessitates lots of sitting behind a desk and many stressfrul times which obviously exacerbate the problem.

He also has achilles tendonitis and suffers with pain and stiffness in his tendons - probably a result of years of running on hard surfaces in inferior shoes in his youth.

He often has generalised aches and pains and discomfort in his entire body particularly in the morning when he gets out of bed. He hobbles around until his body and tendons warm up. Every morning he goes through a series of exercises for his back and then we both embark on a 6km walk. Sometimes he can't make the walk because of the pain and stiffness in his tendons. He can no longer run or play golf. Working outside in the garden e.g digging, using a chainsaw etc, leaves him with a lot of discomfort and it takes him a few days to recover.

From time to time, he has an acute episode of either severe neck or lower back spasm and pain. These are quite scary and he "feels as if something is out of place". I too have my moments with flare ups of the arthritis if I have strayed from my diet. 

Neither of us "do Doctors" and have never taken medication for our symptoms. We would prefer to treat the cause.

Over recent years, we have not been sleeping as well as we should and have even contemplated moving into single beds!

I first heard about earthing from an article written by Anand on his website. It made so much sense to me and I have since bought a bedsheet, two universal mats, a pair of grounding shoes each and the "Earthing Book". The book is an excellent read, and this combined with Anand's videos on his website certainly convinced me that being earthed is an absolute must for everyone.

We have the sheet on the bed earthed with a rod in the garden and a mat under our computer keyboards (also earthed by a rod in the garden). We wear our grounders whenever we walk outside if there is no grass or concrete to walk on. I also purchased a volt meter and was amazed to see how many volts go through our bodies and how they are reduced to almost nothing when in contact with an earthing product. Thanks to an adaptor plug which we can plug into a power point, we take the sheet and a mat with us when we are staying away from home.

The best results from being earthed for me have been a further reduction in the arthritic symptoms - I hardly know I have a problem now. I also find that when I have exercised different muscles e.g after a strenuous day in the garden, that I now don't get the usual muscle soreness a day later. We are both sleeping better and whether it is a great sleep that we have or an "OK" one, we still awaken feeling fresh and always last the day without feeling tired.

Linton has improved the most. He now gets out of bed without stiffness or pain and moves quite freely. He often literally dances around because he feels so good. Although he still gets an occasional acute bout of pain in his neck or lower back, his recovery time is only two or three days instead of two weeks.

A friend of mine has also been amazed at how much better she feels since being earthed and is grateful to me for recommending your products. I have just forwarded Anand's earthing website details to another friend who is very interested to learn all about it and it is to her that I wish the copy of the book be sent.

I feel quite passionate about the need to be earthed especially in today's toxic world that we live in. In particular I try to imagine the benefits of having an earthing sheet on every hospital bed!! But then that would never happen of course for how would the multimillion dollar medical business survive without sick people and without keeping them that way. I am always looking for a chance to spread the word about earthing. I like the idea of having an autopad in the car - this will most likely be my next purchase!