What pain?" I wasn't limping at all, just walking normally.

Bernie, Tasmania, Australia

A friend of mine started to use an Earthing strap, and I became interested - it seemed logical to me. So, I sent for the Earthing book, and read it. 

Very persuaded, but cautious by nature, I dug out some metal mosquito-type wire mesh that I had in my rats-nest, took the business prongs out of a three-pin plug, got some automotive electrical single-core wire, and put the lot together. It tested OK electrically, so I put the mesh under my feet in front of my computer and plugged into the house earth circuit; I 'do' a daily news report (alternative type - non-MSM) so each morning I have at least an hour with bare feet on the mesh.

Yes, I did first check the efficiency of the house earth circuit!

I had been having a degree of foot / ankle pain, and was hoping that Earthing would be of help. Could be arthritis or similar? I avoid doctors as much as possible, so it has not been officially labelled.

Anyway - part of the more noticeable symptoms was that after sitting for a while, when I stood up to walk the pain was extremely magnified. Seemed particularly bad if I had literally 'had my feet up', but occurred in a normal sitting position as well.

Within three days of using my rough-and-ready earthing mat, I noticed that the pain was less, upon standing up after a computer session; but it returned shortly after.

Then after about 10 days, I had been reading in the lounge and enjoying some music one evening (with my feet up) when I got up to go to the kitchen - and half way there I realised ..... "What pain?" I wasn't limping at all, just walking normally.

YES!!!!! Thankyou, Earthing!!! Conviction was final. The jury was IN!!!

I then ordered and very promptly received a half-sheet Bed Pad, which I am now using. (Old faithful is still under my computer though!) Idea - why not a half-sheet for single beds? About 1 x 1.5m of 'business' surface? Down in the deep south here, winter is not a time for sleeping naked .... at least above the waist!

The improvement remains, and I am hoping for further improvement with 'age-related' twinges....