What Are Blue Lenses

The features of blue+ lenses:

  • Filter out 50% of harmful blue violet light (in the 400nm - 440nm range)
  • Lets the good blue light in
  • Alleviates digital eye strain
  • Adds contrast to define characters on your screen
  • UV400 protection (99-100% UVA & UVB protection)
  • Anti reflective coating
  • Anti scratch coating
  • Non-prescription
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    screens, screens, screens

    In our increasingly digital lives, extended screen time is quickly becoming the norm and all this screen time is the culprit behind digital eye strain. Baxter Blue specialised Blue+ lenses are the solution your eyes have been crying out for, filtering out 50% of the most harmful blue violet light (400nm-440nm) whilst allowing the 'good blue light' to enter the eye.

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    our lenses look great too!

    Because our Blue+ lenses are virtually clear with a very subtle tint (hardly noticeable when worn), combined with one of our stylish frames, you have protective eyewear you will be happy to wear anywhere!

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    less glare and more contrast

    Our Blue+ lenses also reduce glare to provide better contrast on your screens – making it even easier to enjoy Netflix, read the news or check your emails. Glare creates unnecessary feedback that we need to filter out and this causes eyestrain, but is easily sorted. All our lenses have premium AR coatings to prevent up to 99% of glare from entering our eyes.