Become an Earthing Oz Wholesaler

Thank you for your interest in becoming a wholesaler of our wide range of Earthing and EMF protection products. Before completing our Wholesaler Application Form, please carefully read the following information. 

Wholesale Requirements

We expect our wholesalers to have a retail outlet, online store, clinic, practice or other appropriate business arrangement in which they will promote and stock our products. Wholesalers should also have the capacity to order in bulk, warehouse the products and fulfil all customer orders themselves. 

All wholesale bulk orders are subject to a minimum spend of $600 per order (after discount), plus postage. A yearly minimum spend of $3000 is required for your wholesaler status to remain active. This starts from the date of approval of your wholesale application.

We also require that those who are genuinely interested in being a wholesaler have first-hand experience and a thorough understanding of the products they wish to sell. To facilitate this, we require that before your Wholesaler Application is approved, you purchase the relevant products at full retail price to a minimum spend of $350 plus postage.

Depending on your area of interest, we have suggested some packs below. Each of these packs includes information and resources to help you successfully sell and promote the products within your business. You can also choose your own combination of products by browsing our website here

Earthing Pack

RRP: from $353

Everything you need to understand and experience our range of indoor Earthing products.

The pack includes: 1 x Earthing Universal Mat Kit, 1 x Earthing Sleep Kit, choose your option here 1 x Power Outlet Tester to ensure that your powerpoints are properly grounded, 1 x Product Tester so you can understand how to test the conductivity of an Earthing product. 

EMF Protection Pack

RRP: from $370

A sample of each of the major sellers in our EMF Protection range for you to try. Having personal experience of each of these products enables you to give recommendations to your customers and clients and to understand the differences between each product and how they can work together to help to reduce exposure to EMF. 

The pack includes: 1 x DefenderShield Headset, 1 x pair of blue light glasses (your choice of frame) plus 1 x your choice of SafeSleeve or DefenderShield EMF protection for mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Please state your choice on the Wholesaler Application Form, being sure to select the correct size case for your model of phone, iPad or laptop.

Blushield Pack

RRP: $770

If you are interested in stocking our range of Blushield EMF Protection devices we strongly recommend trying them out yourself first so you can give first hand experience of Blushield's effectiveness. A great way to start is with our Blushield Premium Home Pack which includes 1 x Blushield Phi Plug In and 1 x Phi Portable. However, you can choose whichever Blushield model you wish by browsing the full range here

Combination Pack 

RRP: $715

If you are looking to stock product from across our entire collection then our Combination Pack is the best option. The pack includes the most popular products from both our Earthing and EMF protection ranges: 1 x Earthing Sleep Kit  (your choice) , 1 x your choice of SafeSleeve or Defendershield EMF Protection Product, 1 x Blushield Plug-In

To order your introductory pack or your own selection of products at retail value (to a minimum of $350 plus postage) please complete the relevant section of the Wholesaler Application Form and we will process your order at the same as processing your application. 

Wholesale Pricing Structure

Once you have fulfilled your initial purchase requirement and your application has been approved you will be set up with an Earthing Oz wholesaler account. When you log on to the Earthing Oz website, the prices shown will be the wholesale prices (the RRP minus the wholesale discount). Wholesale discounts vary depending on the product category. 

 Earthing Products

 Earthing Footwear

 25% off RRP

 20% off RRP

 SafeSleeve Products

Blue Light Filters

DefenderShield Products

Healthy Light Products

EMF Test Meters

 25% off RRP 

 25% off RRP

 20% off RRP

 15% off RRP

 15% off RRP

 Blushield EMF Protection 

 1- 5 units: 10 % off RRP (online order)

 5 or more units: please email or phone us














Please note that all wholesale orders are subject to a minimum order value of $600. Wholesale postage is calculated on the weight and destination of the delivery. 

Benefits of Being an Earthing Oz Wholesaler

  • Great wholesale discounts
  • Promotion via our Find a Stockist page at
  • Access to promotional flyers, posters and other resources to help you promote our products
  • Regular newsletters and exclusive offers
  • Support from a friendly, professional team to help you grow your business

Not quite right for you and your business? Discover other ways to work with Earthing Oz here

Does this sound right up your street? Please download our Wholesaler Application Form here and be sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions. 

We look forward to working with you. Feel free to email us or give us a call on 1300 832 326 with any questions.