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  • Grounding Rod and Lead


    Price: AUD$36.0036.00


    The Grounding Rod (standard length of 300 mm) is used to connect directly to the earth by connecting the included 12 metre (40 foot) extension cord to your product lead at one end and inserting the Grounding Rod directly into the earth at the other.

    The Grounding Rod is beneficial when it is not practical to use the Australian Adaptor Splitter Plug.

    Some examples include:

    • Travelling overseas -You may not have access to an appropriate adaptor plug. The country may not have an Earth in their power outlets.
    • Living in a home that isn't correctly Earthed (generally built before 1960)
    • No access to a power outlet

    Grounding Rods are recommended use in older homes (generally those built before 1960).

    Giving back

    By purchasing this product you are providing clean water to one person in Malawi for a day.

    Give access to clean water for one person for ONE DAY. Every 8 seconds, every day, a child somewhere in the world is dying from drinking contaminated water. A simple well and water pump is all that is needed to reduce deaths from water-borne diseases and we are already building these, with the help of local people, in villages in Malawi.

    Grounding Rod and Lead

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    Grounding Rod and Lead

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