Size Guide

Size Guide for Earth Runners Sandals 

We understand that choosing the right size shoes online can be difficult. That's why the clever folk at Earth Runners have developed their Size Guide Template to help you choose the right size Earth Runner sandal for your feet. 

Below is a list of Earth Runner sandal sizes available from Earthing Oz. We list European sizes. You can use this international shoe size conversion chart as a rough conversion guide.

Click below on the size you think is best for you and you will find a template to download and print to measure the exact sandal size against your foot. Try a couple of sizes either side of your first choice to see if they are a better fit. (NB: the sizes printed on the template are the US sizes) 

Follow the instructions on the template carefully. Your printer must be set to print the document at 100% for accurate measurements.

Once you've found the right size, head back to our Earth Runners page to add it to your cart. Easy!

Earth Runner Adult Sizes

Size 36

Size 36.5

Size 37

Size 37.5

Size 38

Size 38.5

Size 39

Size 40

Size 40.5

Size 41

Size 41.5

Size 42

Size 43

Size 44

Size 44.5

Size 45

Size 45.5

Size 46

Size 47

Earth Runner Children's Sizes

Size 30

Size 31

Size 32

Size 33

Size 34